Aerros Features

To enable users to quickly plan thousands of requirements on hundreds of aircrafts, Aerros needed a lot of features.

Aerros is packed full of features

Aerostrat adds new features to Aerros every month. Considering we have worked on Aerros over three years, it is packed with features. It is difficult to write about them all so watch this video for a summary.

Base Maintenance Planning Simplified

Aerros makes base planning simple by providing you all the tools necessary. Through a drag and drop interface, Aerros automatically manages ALL organizational constraints to create an operational ready base maintenance schedule.

Limitless Scenario Capabilities

Aerros empowers the planning group with a powerful set of scenario tools. With Aerros, users can create unlimited scenarios, unlimited restore points, and simulate the effects of a constraint change of any time scale.

Detailed Event Management

Aerros keeps all maintenance data easily accessible. From the production schedule, users can see an events Out of Service through Return to Service dates, the entire work order, and all the planned versus actual data. Furthermore, comments can be stored and read, capacity plan edited, and more.

Allocation Management

Aerros automatically manages your fleet and track allocations. Now you can see how many maintenance allocations you have for each day, what is available, and if too many aircraft are in maintenance. Track allocations allows you to make events longer or shorter depending on the time of the year and even block out months in a line of maintenance.

Production Schedules

When ready, scenarios can be published to production in Aerros. Production allows all stakeholders to see a live, read-only, interactive schedule. Thus, the whole organization, and its vendors, are using the same, current maintenance schedule.


Past production schedules are stored so users can understand what moved and when.

Vendor Access

Vendors or operators can login and view upcoming maintenance at their facilities, or on their aircraft.

Production Schedules


At the heart of Aerros are three Auto-schedulers to hasten the planning process. Turn a blank year into an operationally ready schedule with one click of the Full Auto-Scheduler. If more control is desired, one can schedule one fleet, or a few requirements, at a time with the Auto-Scheduler. In addition, one can instantly schedule a mod with the special deadline auto-scheduler.

Full Auto-Scheduler

Schedule everything with one click to quickly add a year to a schedule or make sure all unscheduled maintenance requirements are accounted for.



Schedule one fleet or one requirement at a time. Use this to provide custom auto-scheduling rules or add an AD/SB/EO quickly.


Special Deadlines

Schedule 50% of the fleet by one date and 100% by another, or any set of percentages necessary. This auto-scheduler makes it easy to schedule mods quickly or ensure certain AD’s meet the fleet requirements.


Capacity Planning

Aerros allows you to plan your labor needs for each skill type by day and shift. Events contain the production plan by day and shift ensuring manpower availability and decreasing overtime. Available manpower is also updated on the scenario as you drag and drop events and edit their production plan.

Capacity Planning

Other Features…


Flexible per customer customizations, free feature requests, and API Options to build your own.


Aerros not only comes with a variety of reports, but we also make it easy to connect and use your BI tool.

Touch Friendly

Built with tablets in mind, Aerros is touch friendly and responsive.

Integration Ready

Service based architecture with documented APIs available. We will build integrations for any system.


Annual penetration tests, security attestations, GDPR Compliant, and 256-bit encryption in transit and rest.

24/7 Support

Aerostrat is available 24/7. We also provide 24 hour support and 99%+ software up-time SLAs.

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