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What is Aerros?

Aerros is a one-of-kind program that manages an airline’s or MRO’s heavy maintenance program. Aerros enables you to better understand the costs driving your maintenance program while maximizing yield and managing various maintenance and operational constraints all while maximizing overhead efficiency.

What is Aerros?
Operational Transparency

Transparency with all stakeholders about maintenance requirements/needs

Budgets and Forecasting

Better understanding of costs, material, component, and labor needs.

Reduce Overhead

Reduced maintenance planning overhead with improved planning accuracy.

Maximize Yield

Maximize yield on a per task basis to reduce cost of aircraft ownership.

Minimize Out of Service

Minimize aircraft maintenance time to improve overall per aircraft revenue

Better Decisions

Enables users make maintenance decisions proactively, not reactively.

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Aerros is trusted by many satisfied airlines and MROs worldwide.