Alaska Airlines Aviation Day

April 14th, 2016

Aerostrat is proud to announce its sponsorship of Alaska Airlines’ Aviation Day 2016. Other sponsors include Alaska Airlines, Boeing and the Port of Seattle.

Aerostrat, based in Seattle, WA, is an information and technology aerospace company founded December 2015. Its current offering includes maintenance planning software called Aerros. More offerings will soon be announced.

Aviation Day is an educational outreach event where over 1000 students learn all facets of aviation. Youth are introduced to aviation careers. These careers include, but are not limited to, pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and engineers. Students are also able to talk to schools and see a wide variety of civilian and military aircraft

For more information about Alaska Aviation Day go here

Aerostrat’s contributions include an Android and iOS app. This app will streamline students’ event station tracking, improve event feedback, and make event information easily accessible.

Aerostrat is excited to sponsor an event with other Seattle aerospace companies to ensure that area youth can learn and be excited about the aerospace industry. Furthermore, Aerostrat thanks Alaska Airlines for this opportunity.