Scenarios & Auto-Schedule

All event scheduling and schedule modifications take place in Scenarios. Users can create unlimited scenarios, check them in/out for collaboration, save for future reference, or publish them to Production for the organization to see.

Scenario example with track allocations enabled

When working in a scenario, Aerros gives the user many options to manipulate maintenance events and move them around the schedule. One way is to simply “drag and drop” events. Multi-event drag and drop is also possible by highlighting a group of events, or by ctrl+clicking them, and then hold down left click and moving the group anywhere you would like.

“Cascade Dragging” is another useful feature that allows the user to move an event or a group of events. When moving events around, Aerros will cascade events both left and right to make room for them automatically and remove any overlaps. Thus saving you time and effort making room for large schedule changes.

Scenario menu with “Cascade Dragging” selected

There are also several ways to create events in Aerros. The Auto-Scheduler, one of the most powerful features in Aerros, gives the user the options of selecting which specific aircraft to schedule, which requirements to schedule, and which dates to schedule by. You could also schedule all aircraft or schedule special deadline requirements with these tools. In addition to the Auto-Scheduling features, users can also manually create ad-hoc events one at a time.

Auto schedule review screen