Requirements are checks and tasks that are performed at certain intervals and are a part of an airline’s maintenance program. They could either be a single engineering order/control or a group of them. Aerros supports hundreds of requirements per fleet and includes many features to simplify the scheduling and forecasting of them.

Edit Requirement Main Screen

Requirement settings are all handled in the “Manage Requirements” dialogue. Functionality includes adding, editing, deleting, importing and exporting requirements; additional functions include configuring initial/repeating limits, special deadlines, engineering orders, among other options.

One of these options is ‘Yield Targets’. Aerros gives the user 3 yield percentage fields to schedule requirements from: yield minimum %, maximum %, and target %. Once these yield percentages are set as needed, they are used by the Auto-Scheduler, along with other variables, to produce an optimized schedule.

Another option available is FCF (Function Check Flight) management. Many C Checks or Heavy Checks require an FCF after completion of the check. To compensate, Aerros takes that into account and, if applicable, allows the user to enter the number of hours required for the FCF. The Auto-Scheduler will then add those set hours to the end of the event when scheduling. This provides airlines and vendors the ability to see not only see the check span, but the total out of service time for that aircraft event.

Special Deadlines Editor

Aerros also enables users to set special deadlines on their requirements. These are requirements, EO’s, or modifications that need to be completed by a certain date. Special Deadlines is a feature in Aerros that solves this specific scheduling situation. Users have the flexibility to set the percentage of aircraft to be completed by certain date, and the Auto-Scheduler uses these settings to optimally schedule all effective aircraft by the deadline.

Engineering Orders Editor

To work seamlessly with your compliance system, Aerros allows you to attach Engineering Orders to requirements. Engineering orders can be used to determine the initial/repeat schedule, effectivities, and ensure compliance information is in sync.