Production Schedule

Upon logging into Aerros, users are greeted with the Production Schedule, titled “Heavy Maintenance Schedule”. This schedule is a read-only view of the maintenance schedule, and users can interact with events to see each event’s details.

A sample production schedule

Customized views can be created for vendors to view only their aircraft on their tracks, or airlines only able to view their aircraft no matter the track. Viewing timeframes can also be set where vendors only see a certain rolling duration, e.g., 6 months, 1 year, 2 years.

A view only “vendor” user with all filter options enabled.

The Hovercard, or “tool tip”, is displayed by shift+moving the mouse pointer over the event. This will display up to 6 specific pieces of information for that event. There are over 15 different fields that could be displayed, and what is included is completely customizable by the user. The event bar is similar, but the event bar data is what is seen directly on the event in the scenario. 6 pucks of data are displayed on the event bar as well, and what is displayed is also customizable.

A hovercard example with a “scheduled” status.

When events are marked completed and actual dates are input, the event will become an “actual” event, will be shown with a different shading on the schedule, will never disappear, and will become part of the historical record.

A hovercard with an “in-work” actual status.

Lastly, historical production schedules are stored per an organizations data retention policy. Old production schedules can be accessed at any point, restored to, and reported on.

A sample historical production schedule list